Burning Down the House - Nell Bernstein

Burning Down the House

By Nell Bernstein

  • Release Date: 2014-06-03
  • Genre: Law


When teenagers scuffle during a basketball game, they are typically benched. But when Will got into it on the court, he and his rival were sprayed in the face at close range by a chemical similar to Mace, denied a shower for twenty-four hours, and then locked in solitary confinement for a month.

One in three American children will be arrested by the time they are twenty-three, and many will spend time locked inside horrific detention centers that defy everything we know about how to rehabilitate young offenders. In a clear-eyed indictment of the juvenile justice system run amok, award-winning journalist Nell Bernstein shows that there is no right way to lock up a child. The very act of isolation denies delinquent children the thing that is most essential to their growth and rehabilitation: positive relationships with caring adults.

Bernstein introduces us to youth across the nation who have suffered violence and psychological torture at the hands of the state. She presents these youths all as fully realized people, not victims. As they describe in their own voices their fight to maintain their humanity and protect their individuality in environments that would deny both, these young people offer a hopeful alternative to the doomed effort to reform a system that should only be dismantled.

Burning Down the House is a clarion call to shut down our nation’s brutal and counterproductive juvenile prisons and bring our children home.


  • Burning Down the House

    By ALA-PAL
    I haven't read this yet but if the book is anywhere near the engaging and shocking and compelling read as listening to the recent NPR interview -- I'll be sad but also far smarter on this subject…I believe that our country has far too many people incarcerated -- it's become a big BUSINESS to too many communities instead of an institution to punish the really hardened criminals and/or help those who are astray.