Ascent of the Aliomenti - Alex Albrinck

Ascent of the Aliomenti

By Alex Albrinck

  • Release Date: 2013-04-05
  • Genre: High Tech
Score: 4
From 67 Ratings


The Aliomenti village is in ruins, destroyed by one of their own, its population nearly eliminated in the calamity. From the ruins, the Aliomenti rise to international prominence, influencing buyers and sellers, warriors and bureaucrats, as they patiently and invisibly expand their empire.

Will Stark serves as the driving force behind that expansion. Whether he's directly creating their innovations or offering subtle hints to others, few of their revolutionary progressions are made without his influence.

But Will is dealing with his own private heartache. Even as he watches his fellow Aliomenti ascend to heights few of them imagined possible, his long journey becomes one he'll make very much alone. He's also haunted by the knowledge that what enables him to make that journey will also prevent him from seeing his most important mission to its completion.

Will must persevere, fighting through his own gloom, an organization that threatens to tear itself apart, and a reunion with old friends at a most inopportune time. And he'll come to realize that his own decisions, his own inability to understand even those he knows not to trust, have enabled a tyrant to seize control of the Aliomenti in the aftermath of an explosive crisis.


  • Ascent of the Aliomenti

    By Caught Dead in Wyoming
    First in the series for me. Thoroughly enjoyed the intriguing way the progression of events occurred. Will look forward to reading further.
  • Amazing series

    By Th3cowboy
    These books are my number one series. I'm starting my second time reading them and I'm still awe struck by the writing style and depth of detail the author describes in these books. 10/10 would recommend to anyone interested a different approach on science fiction!
  • Excellent read

    By seekerbee
    Quite entertaining. One series to read, and read again.
  • Great Series

    By Coach168
    What a great concept! The characters are developed well and the plot points are well thought out. Great read!
  • Not worth the time.

    By Travis-2016.
    While the concept is interesting, this series lacks the ability to inspire the imagination. The characters do no learn or evolve, they follow simple patterns that are not interesting. The storyline is unrealistic to a point even fiction cannot tolerate. Unfortunately this series is a complete waste of down time, there are much more interesting free books out there.
  • Good but it needs revision

    By ms_cherrie
    I've been reading the series and the only complain I have is the redundancy of the stories. There are so many references from the previous books. This is a series, readers should already know what had happened from the previous books. Thus, repeating it and explaining it again and again and again is such a turn off .
  • If you keep writing I will keep reading. Excellent!

    By DC_FAY
    Wonderful read and a book worth sharing.