The Suicide Diaries (Book 1) - Jessica Carter

The Suicide Diaries (Book 1)

By Jessica Carter

  • Release Date: 2013-07-18
  • Genre: Horror
Score: 4.5
From 743 Ratings


Here lies . . .
The Suicide Diaries collection gives you a quick glimpse into the mind of those who feel the only way to end their suffering is to kill themselves. Warning, there are no happy endings here.


  • Good but too much drama

    By T1DRose
    I liked it mostly because I have depression and I feel like suicide sometimes (no I never will) but it was so sad and not lifelike. I highly doubt anyone’s parents are going to kick their own daughter out because she’s lesbian. Same thing with the school hating her.
  • Read this lol

    By WVSeabee
    I love this book it’s amazing I read all of them I understand what the people in the book feel and I have thought about killing my self more then u would think but this is not my life story 😂 but this book was amazing I just wish there were more pages and stuff and I think the author did great but yea stay safe y’all ur not alone ...
  • Thanks

    By Danielle terry
    I have depression so this book helped me a lot thanks sooo much for Making them thank you.
  • The suicide diaries

    By Ppagnt
    Awful childish writing and just a waste of time
  • Holy Sh*t

    By Mlpisawesome1000000999
    That was the most beautiful peace ever. What year was it in the story?
  • Whoa..

    By {Your Real Friend}
    For something so short, it really managed to make me feel a connection with the character, it made me truly feel sorry for her, I felt literal tears as I read the final tombstone message.. So, whatever you do Jessica, keep the amazing work up!!
  • So good

    By ZombieFreeMan
    Made me clinch when she started cutting her own skin open with a knife.
  • It's True

    By ~Tory
    It's true people hate you for loving the same gender and parents disown you. I felt a very tense sense of pain while reading this. This makes me want to read more.
  • The Suicide Diaries (Book 1)

    By Pikachu rox
    It wasn't what I had expected this to be... I had been hoping for a better horror story than this 😒😒😒
  • ❤️Your New Biggest Fan❤️... And Former Psychiatric Patient

    By Tia Lorraine
    I've been entertaining myself with fantasies about how I wanted to kill myself, since I was 9 years old. But I kept all this killing creativity in my head. Now here YOU are, writing ficticious stories about people killing themselves, for everyone to enjoy. HA HA ha ha ha! You got SOME balls!👍 You sick, twisted freak! I downloaded the other two "suicide diaries" stories, and they will most likely get a top rating too...😘