8,000+ Riddles and Answers to The Riddles! - Jack Riddle

8,000+ Riddles and Answers to The Riddles!

By Jack Riddle

  • Release Date: 2013-02-06
  • Genre: Reference
Score: 3.5
From 227 Ratings


8,000+ Riddles and Answers to The Riddles!

Few Sample Riddles is as follows

#1 Riddle:
"I am no sooner spoken, than broken. What am I?"
#1 Answer: silence

#2 Riddle:
"I have only one foot, but thousands of toes; My one foot stands, but never goes. I have many arms, and they're mighty all; And hundreds of fingers, large and small. From the ends of my fingers my beauty grows. I breathe with my hair, and I drink with my toes. I grow bigger and bigger about the waist, And yet I am always very tight laced. None e'er saw me eat -- I've no mouth to bite; Yet I eat all day in the full sunlight. In the summer with song I shave and quiver, But in winter I fast and groan and shiver." Who am I? -At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald, Chapter XXII

#2 Answer: I am a tree.

#3 Riddle:
"I never was, am always to be, No one ever saw me, nor ever will And yet I am the confidence of all To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball."

#3 Answer: Tommorow

#4 Riddle:
"Oh, what have I done!" yelled the woman, as the phone rang.

#4 Answer: A woman, lonely and despondent, had sat by her phone for months, hoping for a friendly call. Never recieving even one, she jumped out of her her 20th story apartment window-just as the phone rang.

#5 Riddle:
"Railroad lookout for cars" can you spell that without no r's?

#5 Answer: You have to spell THAT T-H-A-T

#6 Riddle:
"The beginning of eternity The end of time and space The beginning of every end, And the end of every place." Hint: It's in front of you right now.

#6 Answer: The Letter "E"


  • No, just no

    By All teacher
    I take this book personally insulting in some spots. I do not recommend this book to anyone or anything. Do not read. If you read, well, I warned you. I find 171 especially insulting to blonde people.
  • Meh

    By JamboJemboJimboJomboJumbo
    It had too many repeats of the same riddles
  • Junk!

    By sureshbp
    Just very poor riddles in bad English and repeated 10 times each!
  • Terrible

    By Plohasz7
    bad grammar and stupid riddles
  • Eh

    By dope_panda32
  • Misspellings & Somewhat Morbid

    By Apple book user
    Several misspelled words (pretty unprofessional for a published "app book"). Also, some of the riddles are a bit morbid & makes me wonder what's going on in the mind of the one who came up with them..?! Not very challenging or logical for my taste.
  • Amazingly... Awful

    By Cookies Pancake Poop
    This book has SOME useful riddles, but most of them repeat and don't make sense. Almost every riddle is misspelled and poorly written. Don't read this, find another book because this obviously looked like a 5th grader typed it from a cellphone.
  • Why

    By Peaseboy2234
    Why did you put multiple of the exact same joke like a million times?!
  • Racist!

    By Sup man123
    This book is racist it said u have to tie a shoelace around a China man and he will be blind (talking about how China men's eyes are kind of closed)
  • Misleads you.

    By Agar.io Piklic
    The title says "8000+ riddles" but it doesn't say that all the riddles were DIFFERENT. It repeats the same riddles for pages after pages. Also, some riddles don't even make sense! And so much misspelling! Please update this and correct some misspelling and include more riddles so I'll rate 4 stars.