The Flaming Chalice - Peter Williams

The Flaming Chalice

By Peter Williams

  • Release Date: 2012-09-17
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Great Britain faces an energy crisis of catastrophic proportions. Degenesys, a prototype generation plant is hailed as the answer, but power engineer, Matt Campbell, discovers that the technology is dangerously flawed and about to expose the population to a debilitating mental affliction.
A storm of destruction engulfs the land, plunging society into a world devoid of technology and leaving its inhabitants with only their primal instincts to survive. Matt becomes the reluctant leader of a band of refugees mentally unaffected by the disaster. Among them, an old priest carries a mysterious chalice which brings the survivors hope, but troubles their minds with terrifying visions of a merciless army growing in the north.
Their visions become reality when the refugees find themselves under siege from a horde of savages led by a madman claiming to be the new king of Britain. Their only hope is that the chalice can bring them the strength to overcome their terrifying adversary.