Golf 101 for Women - Cindy Acree

Golf 101 for Women

By Cindy Acree

  • Release Date: 2012-05-01
  • Genre: Golf


Golf 101 for Women started out as “the only complete getting started playing golf” seminar. The information-packed seminar quickly became popular. After a number of years of hosting the seminar, people encouraged Cindy to make Golf 101 for Women available as a book in addition to her hosting the seminars.

Cindy believes that golf offers golfers so many life-long benefits. She wants more women to take advantage of these benefits. Her goal in Golf 101 for Women is not to just get women to try playing golf, but rather her mission is to set women up to love golf and to play for life. Golf 101 for Women is a blend of her positive yet realistic perspective on golf and how to get started playing properly and of the nuts and bolts of golf and a day on the course. A key aspect of Golf 101 for Women is about enjoying the game … setting up the new lady golfer to have fun and enjoy golf while also allowing the experienced golfers who are helping her enjoy playing while they are helping her get started! Cindy’s motto is Start Here. Play for Life.