FashionPad - Johanna Elise Oja


By Johanna Elise Oja

  • Release Date: 2012-04-04
  • Genre: Design


The purpose of this project is to improve the experience of a fashion magazine. What’s so great about the iPad is that it makes the technology disappear and what’s left is playfulness, ease of use and great features that users enjoy. In the research stage of the project it was necessary to find the best-suited technologies and tools that allow to achieve the above. It’s important that the technology wouldn’t limit the features included but at the same time lets the focus be on the other parts of the creation. The branding of the magazine and UI is important and is built upon the research conducted and combined into a well thought-out design.

The result is FashionPad:

FashionPad is a new and innovate fashion magazine experience for iPad. You can download it anywhere, anytime: at home, on a bus or abroad. Traditional magazines are bulky and are limited by plain text and images that are often out of date by the time they hit the stores.
FashionPad incorporates video content, news that updates in real time and social media features in a fun and interactive way. Smaller overheads allow focus on the content. Topics can be more adventurous, offering different types of content from new up-and-coming designers to the business side of fashion industry.