Cruel Games - Elaine May

Cruel Games

By Elaine May

  • Release Date: 2018-11-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 3
From 69 Ratings


Our destiny was signed and sealed before we ever met but how am I supposed to marry him when he broke my heart. 
I am meant to marry him, but I hate him.... I hate him for what he did to me. 
I'll make him pay by being his worst nightmare. 
I'll make him regret ever being part of this madness.
I am ready for war and London is my battleground.
I want to tell you my story.... if you are up for the ride.

This is the first book in the Cruel Games Series by Elaine May.


  • Cruel games by Elaine May< iBooks

    By millergurl26
    I loved this first book and can’t wait to see what happens next
  • “Cruel games” by Elaine May

    By Angelica (canelita)
    This book was very interesting and I did like it, a lot. It shows that she isn’t a spoiled brat, she genuinely cares for others and charlton is almost the opposite. This book is enjoyable and I can’t wait to finish them.
  • Bad writing and editing

    By Zanewalk
    Couldn’t finish. Just terrible
  • Cruel Games by Elaine May

    By Rachelth!
    Great book!
  • Cruel Games

    By anonjng0811
    Good read. Keeps you wondering what will happen in the remainder of the series. The main character is a little dramatic, and some of the description of her opinion seems redundant. Overall decent read, I will complete the series.
  • Bad

    By ashes1947
    This book was so bad. Very misogynistic and sexist. Normally I like a bit of a darker themed book, but everyone just acted so weird, and the internal dialogue was very repetitive.
  • Cruel Games

    By Stephanie Alexa
    Great story line!!! Very intriguing from the Beginning can’t wait to learn more And how he’s gonna make it up to her I can’t wait to read more of their journey!!!
  • Interesting Read

    By TrueBeautyIsHidden
    I totally understand why Noelle is upset about what Charlton did in the passed and I know how hurtful it was . However, people change , and Charlton was a young and immature person back then . I hope Noelle can forgive and move on . I think she still,has feelings for him and she can’t really explore those feelings until she can forgive . I don’t agree with arrange marriages though , I find it so inhuman like . I think people should marry someone for them and not marry because their parents arrange the marriage. I hope Noelle heals , she is so kind , she deserves everything the world has to offer , but how can she really do that when she has a father trying to force marriage on her .
  • “Cruel Games” by Elaine May

    By horselvr4522
    “Interesting story. Keeps you wanting more.”
  • Hard to follow

    By NeferaRowe
    This book is too hard to follow or read the plot does not make any sense and the dialogue is poor.