wephoto Animals Vol. 5 - Mario Bunčuga

wephoto Animals Vol. 5

By Mario Bunčuga

  • Release Date: 2018-05-18
  • Genre: Photography


We as humans once belonged to the same diaspora that animals did. Perhaps this is why we love living close to nature or rush towards her the moment we get an opportunity. Research shows that we are still cavemen at heart although we live in city houses. The basic wiring in our brains and how we interact are the same as thousands of years ago. Nature is where we still belong. 
Animal or more popularly called wildlife photography is about capturing a split second, when the light and the animal behavior come together to create an emotional image. Whether your subject is a wild animal in the jungle or a pet/domesticated one at home, their behavior is usually the same.  More than a taste of adventure and accomplishment animal photography also offers a sense of belongingness to the planet. Having patience, persistence and perseverance are the three key parameters to be good at animal photography. Presented here-within are a few best photographers from the genre whose admirable work should inspire you for sure. 

Mario Bunčuga
Founder of WePhoto Network 
May 2018