WePhoto - 2017 - Street Vol 4 - Mario Bunčuga & Pankaj Anand

WePhoto - 2017 - Street Vol 4

By Mario Bunčuga & Pankaj Anand

  • Release Date: 2017-10-26
  • Genre: Photography


Street photography involves capturing ephemeral moments when subject matter, mood, composition, and light come together to create a meaningful or artistic photograph. The challenge of street photography—and its unique appeal—is finding a way to turn the mundane things we see every day into art. It encapsulates the unforgettable moments of life before they become history, small stories of our existence that would be lost in the flow of time if not captured and portrayed in an image and made immortal. 
Street life, like most other genres in photography, works around effective composition. It involves anticipation and since as the photographer you don’t usually have the choice of moving your subjects, you have to shift your position or wait for that decisive moment when the subject is right where and doing right what you expected them to do. The presented work is the finest collection of art and we hope that you will enjoy every bit of it.