Question on Idol (2) - Farah Solomon

Question on Idol (2)

By Farah Solomon

  • Release Date: 2017-09-20
  • Genre: Fantasy


"Question on idols" there are 6 books, that is some story of dreams, wonderful. In dreams, you can talk to your idols. I write some chat with my friends as your dream
With "question about idol 2" you see story of Julian, Mecker, Barry, Ballers
this is an example

Me: Eop and that elder steal glances, and I can feel that it's not a common glance - -Stop the lies.
Julian: -Your Majesty... 
Julian: No man may remain in the Palace after dark, as per the rules. If that were so, could they have avoided the eyes of others in broad daylight? 
Me: Your Majesty, when His Majesty was critically ill, those brothers became the interim officials, so who knows if they truly stayed at his sickbed?
Julian:  Interim Officials: Selected to stay in the Palace and inquire the King's health Don't you know that when the King died, he took charge of memorial duties and sometimes stayed in the Palace?
Julian:  It was from that time that they began their secret, intimate relations. I cannot believe this... 
Julian: This is something that cannot be... 
Julian: With this tangible evidence, will you still not believe?