The Essential Guide to Taxidermy - From Trap to Trophy - Dalton Harriott

The Essential Guide to Taxidermy - From Trap to Trophy

By Dalton Harriott

  • Release Date: 2017-06-13
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies


Imbued by experience, this expertly written guide to taxidermy delivers a strong understanding of all stages of the process.
Compiled by Dalton Harriott, a committed outdoorsman of over three decades standing, we witness in this encompassing text detailed explanations vital to the aspiring taxidermist. Elements of technique regarding mammals, birds and reptiles are discussed in turn, while the importance of good equipment, practice and a solid grounding in theory are spoken about at length.  
Preservation techniques are also discussed, with several proven formulae established and current detailed with instructions. To name but a few examples; we've the means of assembling wiring, proper care, tending and affixing of feathers; and correct posturing of animals during the mounting process. 
Drawing upon wisdom passed down through generations, as well as contemporary developments, this text combines tried and true procedures with modern developments. Sensitive to readers based at home, in institutions of learning, and inclined to the wilderness, the author writes in an accessible, wise and comprehensive manner easily discerned by the reader. Each part broadly evidences the passion with which the author confronts this pursuit. 
The aspiring taxidermist will, upon perusing this manual, hold an excellent foundation to proceeding with this craft.