Belief System - Christopher Hart

Belief System

By Christopher Hart

  • Release Date: 2017-04-28
  • Genre: Science Fiction


It was the news story of the century, an unconventional experiment to boost artificial intelligence had accidentally decoded the meaning of life itself. That’s what veteran reporter Sue Stevens was going to verify as she and her team arrived at Spiral, the tech company making this incredible claim. Would Sue uncover the truth and experience The Code for herself or did someone close to her have a different plan? Because when it came to a question of beliefs, not all of humanity was ready to take this quantum leap of faith.

Belief System is the fourth short story in the six-part Outmode series. Each story is stand-alone yet connected to the others. Mixing science fiction and science fact with a comic twist, we see how A.I. turned human beings into has-beens at the flick of a switch.

About Outmode: As artificial intelligence finally became smarter than people, humanity entered a new phase of evolution. Outsmarted, outwitted and out-manoeuvred, homosapiens’ place in the natural order was no longer guaranteed. This was Outmode, when the human race slowly headed for the exit leaving technology with cognitive ability to become the dominant species.